Compact Perfect Flow for Paste

- Ram feeds for direct dispense out of 5 or 55 gallon shipping containers
- Designed for use with pastes
- Pneumatic controls
- Perfect for applying a bead of adhesive to your parts
- Excellent for Epoxy, Urethane, Silicone, Methacrylate.

Compact Perfect Flow
The Compact Perfect Flow for Paste offers the rugged reliability of the standard Compact Perfect Flow tailored to paste applications. With Ram Feed Pumps the Compact Perfect Flow can dispense very high viscosities.
The Snuff Back Gun stops the flow of material instantly allowing the operator to quickly and cleanly move to the next part.

  • Double acting pumps deliver material in both stroke directions for high output and continuous delivery.
  • Easy slide ratio adjustment.
  • Ratios from 1:100 to 1:1 are available.
  • Heaters are available for the containers, pumps, and hoses.

When to choose the Compact Perfect Flow:
The Compact Perfect Flow with Ram Feed is the best option when the viscosity of the material is high enough that the material will not self level.

Product Options

For measuring exact shot size.
For controlled dispense of your mixed product.
For mixing two-part materials.
For heating materials to improve flow rate and material reactivity
For uniformly spraying your material onto any surface.
For dispensing materials in circles from 24mm to 155mm in diameter.
For dispensing epoxy onto your large wet lay-ups.