Standard Compact Perfect Flow

- A compact meter mix dispensing system with big machine features.
- Feeds from reservoirs, drums or totes. Uses standard disposable static mixers.
- System can be controlled by an electronic shot size controller, a manual thumb button, or an automated machine interface.
- Excellent for high output continuous or periodic applications
- Can deliver a continuous output of up to 20 lbs./min or can be slowed down to fill small, delicate parts.
- All controls are pneumatic; no electricity is required.
-Electric / Hydraulic power is available.

Compact Perfect Flow

The smaller of our line of super duty machines the Compact Perfect Flow is ready for production.

Double acting pumps deliver material in both stroke directions for high output and continuous delivery. Easy slide ratio adjustment. Ratios from 1:100 to 1:1 are available. Flow rates to two gallons per minute.

The Compact Perfect Flow can dispense a wide range of viscosities, up to 30,000cps and can pump paste materials with the addition of ram supply pumps.

There is a long list of options for the Compact Perfect Flow including:

Ram supply pumps for paste materials.

Snuff Back Gun, Stops the flow of material instantly allowing the operator to quickly and cleanly move to the next part.

Electronic Shot Size control, Encoder based shot size control with memory locations, Auto Repeat and Purge Timer functions.

Electric/Hydraulic power for large parts, when pneumatic equipment could freeze up.

Heaters for the reservoirs, pumps, and hoses.

Agitators, both pneumatic and electric. Carts, Drum Racks, Tote Stands, Vacuum Degassing Tanks, and Supply Pumps.

Level sensors and controls to keep track of and manage the material supply.

When to choose the Compact Perfect Flow:

The Compact Perfect Flow in the best option when there is a lot of work to do. Large parts and high-volume operation when production must be done over multiple shifts.

The Compact Perfect Flow is at its best potting or casting large parts, or supplying mixed resin for resin infusion, roll-coating, finger jointing, adhesive application, and resin transfer molding, either under vacuum or pressure molding.

With Ram Supply Pumps the Compact Perfect Flow can meter and mix paste materials for adhesive bonding, hard point filling, or wood patch.

With Stainless Steel or Super Alloy Stainless pumps available the Compact Perfect Flow is capable of reliably dispensing acid catalyst wood adhesives, polyester resins, or methacrylate adhesives.

Product Options

For measuring exact shot size.
Removes dissolved gas and entrapped air from materials for bubble-free parts.
Dispense directly out of 55s or totes!
For protecting extremely moisture-sensitive materials.
For moisture-sensitive materials.
For controlled dispense of your mixed product.
For heating materials in-reservoir.
For uniformly spraying your material onto any surface.
For dispensing materials in circles from 24mm to 155mm in diameter.
For dispensing epoxy onto your large wet lay-ups.
For mixing two-part materials.
For heating materials to improve flow rate and material reactivity