Ohaus Scales

- CS2000 OHAUS Portable Standard, compact portable balance, tare button, 9v battery (included), 2000g x 1g $145.83
- SC4010 OHAUS Scout Pro, compact portable balance, tare button, 9v battery (not included), 400g x 0.1g, $224.78

Do you wonder if your epoxy ratio is correct? The proper epoxy ratio is very important if you are to develop the designed strength and performance of your product. A weight ratio calculation with a good precise scale is a quick, simple and accurate method of measurement. 

An OHAUS scale, available from Michael Engineering, can provide an accurate check on the ratio from any metering equipment you are using. Making a weight ratio calculation will either confirm that you are operating at the designed ratio or let you know that an adjustment needs to be made. (Remember to subtract the weight of the empty cup.) 

We are pleased to offer the two OHAUS scales listed above. We have used OHAUS scales in our shop for more than 30 years and have found them to be the best product available for the money.

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