Filler Flash

- Will pump any flowable material.
- Will pump viscosities up to 100,000 cps.
- Ratio adjustable from 100:100 to 100:15 or 100:25 to 100:3.5
- Maximum output rate of 1 quart per minute.
- Delivers up to 4oz per stroke.
- Designed for high accuracy metering and mixing.
- Foot-operated with adjustable spring tension

The Filler Flash is a foot-operated single-acting machine. The operator steps on the foot pedal to push the arm down, energizing the system. The springs then act on the arm to dispense material through the check valves, which counts as one cycle.

Product Options

Removes dissolved gas and entrapped air from materials for bubble-free parts.
For protecting extremely moisture-sensitive materials.
For moisture-sensitive materials.
For putting material into static mixers.
Controls shots between 5cc to full stroke (14-21cc depending on ratio)
For heating materials to improve flow rate and material reactivity
For warming frames and reservoirs.
For heating materials in-reservoir.
For mixing two-part materials.